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Samsung GE614ST 40L Grill Microwave

The Samsung GE614ST 40 Litre Grill Microwave has a ceramic enamel for easy cleaning, making life much easier.

  • Enjoy 3 benefits with Samsung's new ceramic enamel interior - Scratch, rust resistant and bacteria free. This keeps your microwave hygenic and durable for longer.
  • By using the Weight/serving control, easily adjust the weight of your food. The microwave oven will calculate the cooking time for you
  • Food is cooked and defrosted evenly throughout, with innnovative Samsung technology known as T.D.S (Triple Distribution system).

Samsung GE614ST 40L Grill Microwave Features:

New look with wider design and LED display
Wide screen looks larger and has a clean / neat design. LED display that shows microwave settings and other information. Design fits within kitchen environment!

Ceramic enamel
Benefits of ceramic enamel: 
1. Higher nutrient retention 
2. High scratch resistance 
3. Easy Cleaning4. Time & Energy saving 
5. Anti Bacteria function 
6. Retain Heat for longer period of time

6 power levels
SAMSUNG Grill microwave comes with 6 power levels for cooking any dish you want.

40L cooking capacity
40L cooking capacity 
Output power: 900W 
Grill power: 1300W

Sensor cook function for microwave mode
The humidity sensor allows for automated cooking to ensure the optimum mode of cooking whatever dish you are preparing or warming up. The sensor detects the degree of humidity present within the microwave, adjusting the overall cooking time to perfect the dish being cooked or warmed up.

Membrane and electronic touch control
For easy use of microwave oven.


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