Brand: Philips
Warranty: 2 year(s)
Product Code: HR2096
SKU Style No. : 92638
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Price: R1,299.00

Philips HR2096 Avance Collection Blender

The Philips HR2096 Avance Collection Blender with ProBlend 6 and 800W motor can handle just about anything - from fruits/vegetables to ice. Its multi-speed function will blend, crush and cut for perfectly smooth blending and any consistency you want.


Philips HR2096 Avance Collection Blender Features:

Unique off-center jar design to mix ingredients efficiently
Blade positioned off-center in the jar will create turbulence and mixing ingredients in the most effective way. 

Powerful 800 W motor
This Philips blender has a strong 800 W motor for blending, mixing and crushing effectively. 

Max 2 L (with food 1.5 L) high quality glass jar
The 2 L jar is made of high quality glass which is scratch proof, and allows to process hot ingredients. 

Variable speed control with illuminated display
Set the blender to the speed you want with this unique control knob. 

Programmed ice crushing function
Motor will operate pre-programmed sequence to crush ice easily with the touch of a button 

One touch pulse and smoothie button
Pulse button to control the operation whatever you want and smoothie button for making the best tasting smoothie by pressing once.

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