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Defy 7kg Aquafusion Washing Machine - White

AquaFusion Technology
In regular machines, nearly 25% of the detergent is lost through the drain before interacting with the laundry. The Defy 7kg Aquafusion Washing Machine Technology blocks the tub outlet to keep all the detergent inside the washing tub, giving you perfect cleaning results.

Automatic Water Control System
To ensure optimum performance, the amount of water is automatically adjusted to suit the load of the laundry and the type of fabric washed. Controlled water consumption leads to greater efficiency, benefiting the environment and saving costs.

Pet Hair Removal
Through a specially developed function, pet hair is effortlessly removed from laundry. This function automatically adds pre-wash and additional rinse cycles to remove pet hair effectively, providing anti-allergy benefits.

Defy 7kg Aquafusion Washing Machine - Metallic Features:

  • 7kg washing capacity 
  • A++ Energy efficiency 
  • AquaFusion technology 
  • 4 Main wash programmes 
  • 9 Additional wash programmes 
  • Hygienic washing at 20C 
  • Touch control panel 
  • Buzzer function - feedback warning against wrong function selections 
  • Variable spin speed up to 1000 rpm 
  • Direct ProSmart Motor - performs various drum motions for superior wash 
  • Large chrome door Up to 50cm diameter front door 
  • Door handle - specially designed at 2 o' clock to reduce the need for bending to open the door 
  • Pump filter - engineered to reduce fluff collection 
  • Child lock and loading door lock function  


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