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AEG L75470FL 7KG Front Load Washing Machine

The ultimate in gentle washing The ProTex Plus AEG L75470FL 7KG Vented Tumble Dryer with Woolmark Blue certification guarantees the utmost care for even the most delicate fabrics. The XL Soft Drum with a maximum 1600 rpm spin speed provides gentle washing for extra large loads up to 7kg, whilst DirectSpray delivers the most efficient washing and rinsing by ensuring the water and detergent are distributed evenly.  


AEG L75470FL 7KG Front Load Washing Machine Features:

ProTex: the gentle way to wash
The ProTex washing machine is so gentle it can safely wash even the most delicate fabrics, like wool & silk, so your clothes will look new for longer. 

OptiSense registers the weight of your load and adjusts the washing cycle accordingly so your clothes will never be over washed. 

A reliably great performance – inverter motor
Reliability, durability and performance – with minimum noise – thanks to the inverter motor 

Maximise the efficacy of your stain remover
Ensure your stain remover really does the job properly. The stain removal system releases the remover at precisely the right moment, for maximum effectiveness.

So quiet you can barely hear it
With a special insulation system, the Silent System washing machine operates exceptionally quietly. 

A+++ energy class: 32% less energy than A
This washer has A+++ energy class – that means it's 32% more efficient than standard A-class washing machines, comparing the classes 

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