Brand: Samsung
Warranty: 2 year(s)
Product Code: WAM250
SKU Style No. : 34843
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Price: R899.90

Samsung Wireless Multiroom Hub - WAM250

  • Connect multiple speakers together to play the same content or different content all controlled from one device
  • Simple setup for control at your fingertips

Samsung Wireless Multiroom Hub - WAM250 Features:

Music follows you 
Music follows you throughout your home with the Samsung Wireless Multiroom Hub - WAM250. It’s perfect for anyone who wants multi-room listening. Place the speakers wherever you want to listen, and then control the music easily with your smartphone. Select your music and choose which speaker to play it on with one smooth motion – just Drag & Play. With the intuitive interface, it’s simple to select which speakers you want to use, browse your library and play tracks.

One hub to connect it all
To connect all your speakers throughout your home, all that’s needed is one easy-to-use hub. You can then play all your favourite tracks wirelessly and use all your favourite online music streaming services. The hub also gives you different modes of listening including Party Play and Zone Play, letting you play tunes simultaneously on all speakers across your home or just in one room. All you need is one hub to bring your speakers, devices and music together.

Simple 3-step installation
Your Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom can be set up more quickly and easily than any other multi-room speaker system. The simple 3-step installation means you can enjoy great audio without delay. Plug & Play auto-connection streamlines the process of linking the hub to your router. After that, all you have to do is wirelessly pair it with the speakers and your devices. You can access all your music with no cables and no hassle at all.

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