Brand: AEG
Warranty: 3 year(s)
Product Code: CH-16Z
SKU Style No. : 38788
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: R799.90

AEG CH-16Z 16 Inch High Velocity Floor Fan

The AEG CH-16Z 16 Inch High Velocity Floor Fan with 3 aluminium blade design and sturdy metal frame gives you perfect cooling every time. The 130W long life induction motor ensures high air flow.

AEG CH-16Z 16 Inch High Velocity Floor Fan Features:

Excellent high velocity air flow
The high velocity air flow ensures that you receive a cool, constant breeze from the unit. Keeper larger rooms cool and comfortable on warm summer days.

3 Speed settings
The settings on the side mounted control box make it easy to adjust the intensity of the air flow, with 3 speed settings you can decide which intensity is ideal for you.

3 Metal blade design
The aluminium blades and metal frame design make this unit sturdy and robust. The metal look gives it a modern feel while still ensuring that you get optimum use out of the unit.

Tilt function
The tilt function allows you to direct the cool air flow in your preferred direction. This allows for the entire room to cool without the discomfort of having the air blowing directly on you.

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